Friday, November 30, 2012

Playlist for11-28-12

The Mighty Diamonds               Morgan the pirate                           12 “ single
The Mighty Diamonds               Aware of your love                        Kouchie Vibes 1984
Bunny Wailer                              Time will tell                                    Tribute
Don Carlos                                   Mr. Big Man                    12 “single lightening records
Yabby Yoo                                   Smith & the Prophets                      Deeper Roots
Gregory Issacs                            Tumbling Tears                                 My number one
U Roy                                           Dreamland w/Psalms                       Now
Althea & Donna                       Uptown Top Ranking                     Uptown Top Ranking
I Roy                                            Coxsone Affair                                     Presenting I Roy
I Roy                                             Touting I Self                                      Touting I Self
I Roy                                            Dread hold the handle                       Black Man Time
Earl Cunningham                    That Love           Prison Oval Clash/Don Carlos Vs Earl Cunningham
Lucksley Castell                                    Leaving                                              Morning Glory
Sugar Minott                                         Harbor Shark                                    Slice of cake
Monti Alexander/Sly & Robbie        Ram Jam                                               12” single
Freddie Mc Gregor                             Big Ship                                         Kings of Reggae
Co Co Tea                                             A Love like Yours & Mine                 In a Di Red
Gentle Man                                          Weary no more                                 Confidence
Morgan Heritage                                The Girl is mine                                 The Return
Irie Love featuring Fiji                     Just Like That                                     This is Irie Love
Fiji                                                         Riddim of Life                                       Best of Fiji
Alborosie featuring Sizzla                Meditation                Alborosie, Specialist & Friends
Half Pint                                                Greetings                                               Re Collections
Richie Stephens/Gentleman           I found Heaven                                     Live your Life
Half Pint                                           Cost of Living                                        Recollection
Pato Banton                                   My Opinion III                            Destination Paradise
U Roy w/Marcia Griffiths             Love Questions                                Pray Fi Di People
U Roy                                                Pray Fi Di People                             Pray Fi Di People
Barrington Levy                              Little Children Cry                   This is Crucial Reggae
Michael Prophet                             Cease Fire                                          Cease & Settle
Simpkin Project                               Showtime                                 Everything you want
Jah Mex                                             Concious Revolution                    Firm Soundation
Simpkin Project                                Check Yourself                        Everything you want
Lady Saw                                            No less than a Woman                          12” single         

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